The story behind it

Very first my computer science teacher gave us the task to write any website and as I was fascinated by Mark Zuckerbergs promotion in the movie "The Social Network", I've decided to rebuild his famous FaceMash website, on which he illegally collected pictures of female students trough an algorhythm and then let the collegians vote, which of two shown girls were hotter. Very primitive, right? It is a fact that the too high traffic of FaceMash ended up in a crash of the college servers.

Inspirated by this event, in which Zuckerberg boosted his publicity, I wanted to recreate the website for our school project. I think it was the 7th grade of the secondary school. Done, did it, got an A+ for it.

A few years later, a friend of mine, who was in the same computer science class as me and was my partner in this project, spontaneously brought up the website. We laughed much about how easy we got such a good grade (probably because our teacher didn't know the movie. idk). Afterwards I decided to give it a kick again and make it unique and let my flavour flow into the page. I built in many features, e.g. an algorhythm for the scores, an unique userpanel so people can sign up and upload which picture they want to. I don't want to reveal too much, just try out my game :P.

What is Eternal-Match™ about?

We all see a lot of people a day. Our minds naturally and subconsciously rates them, whether the person is rather attractive or not. While you have your fun at voting, our system automatically records - of course anonymously - the datas, so we can evaluate the results later in the matter of science. Nobody can be harmed, because only you decide, if your picture is going to be seen. So sit down with your buddies, turn the music on and start to vote!