What do we offer?

On Eternal-Match you all can compete with your favourite picture against others from all over the world. At the same time it's possible to get known to other persons.

How does it work?

Only two people compete against each other in one match. It's separated into two categories: Women and Men. Via mouseclick on your favourite you can vote for that person. Afterwards the game automatically generates another match.

Every person begins with 1500 starting points.
The point benefit depends on the difference between the two competitors and the expectation of the winner. Example: A has 1500 points and B has 1700 points. Probably B will win the match, because he has more points. If A wins he gets much more points than if B wins, because its unlikely that A wins.

You can also see the score, but you first have to sign up (homepage, click on register button). After you signed up you can visit the userpanel, where we offer you to organize your profile on your own. The scores can be seen here.

Can somebody find out who I am, if I upload my picture?

Only you can change your profile datas. If you don't want others to know your name or visit your profile, just let the inputs blanc and change your privacy in the settings. Remember, only you decide who is going to see your picture!

Are there any terms for the pictures?

The uploaded picture must meet the following terms to not get deleted.

1 - There must a person to see on the picture.

2 - Violence glorifying or sexual content and religious or political symbols etc. are prohibited.

3 - You must have the right(s) for the uploaded picture(s).

Eternal-Match keeps the right to decide which pictures are allowed to participate.


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